Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Movember the 12th.

It's coming along very well, yeah? I've attempted this before and my Norwegian hair follicles only push out so much hair and then they stop short of about a half-inch. It's really not looking so good.
It's post adolescent peach-fuzz.
A somewhat furry distraction.
'Halfway hair' because it's so blonde.

This would be an ideal 'good sir stache':

It doesn't matter how much hair I can grow to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. All that matters is that I have your support and you are able to keep a straight face when you look at me.
Here's that link one more time to donate:

A Movember intro video para ti!

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Stephanie Fay said...

Austin! I must confess I can't actually SEE the moustache yet! But keep tryin'!!!! I love all the photos -- especially the day you started your 'stache -- Nov 1. Love, Fluff

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