Monday, October 27, 2008

Guardian Article that's provocative.

This was posted by Bezdomny in reaction to a Guardian UK piece highlighting an interview with a biofuel plant worker you can see here. Apocalyptic thinking in our society intrigues me. You wonder what sort of effects it has on our worldviews.

Oct 27 08, 11:47am (about 6 hours ago)

If it makes any of you feel better, I recall getting a mass e-mail from an organization called exegesis about 10 years ago when I had first started university. In this newsletter the editor blamed Bill Clinton for the burning of black churches across America and later stated that Bill Clinton was the Antichrist. I argued with this individual for some time, mostly though I just asked him to provide sources for any of his information. Talk about screaming at a wall. I don't know if the organization is still around, but being a reformed agnostic who came from a fundamentalist Christian family, I can tell you that this mentality is deeply imbued with apocolyptic thinking. When I was a child I often feared that demons would take me away at night, we were told stories at church of demons dragging people off into the woods and if their faith wasn't strong enough they would not be spared. I was also told that if Jesus wasn't in your heart demons could posess you. As I got older I began to fear being left behind. The reason why that left behind series became so popular was because the idea was deeply, deeply ingrained in many American people and many secular movies also embrace the theme. Just imagine being 12 years old, your neighborhood is oddly quiet, a storm is brewing, the sky is overcast and dark and your mother, father and sister are all gone. Most people think, hmmm, they must of gone off somewhere and it's going to rain. I thought, holy fuck, I've been left behind because my faith wasn't strong enough. Honestly, living in Red State America is like living in a primitive world with modern conveniences, invisible forces are everywhere, governing your life, punishing and rewarding the wicked and righteous. You show any fundamentalist some national geographic special about tribal people in Africa, South America, Asia, etc. and they will life and think of the people as backwards although their mentalities are very similar. It is something akin to magical realism, although not the kind that Kafka invented.
Obama has no hope with these people, they have been artfully manipulated by the elites who control America, who conquer and divide the middle and lower classes through wedge issues like guns, gays and abortion. Social issues are popular because they galvanize people without affecting the actual structures of power. Whether or not abortion or gay marriage is legalized is of little concern to those in power, but if you start asking what is the legal or constitutional basis for the federal income tax, why does the Federal reserve actually charge interest on the money it prints, why do corporations have the same legal rights as individuals, why has the same magic wand of deregualation that has lead to the solvency crisis in our financial sector also been used to consolidate our media into the hands of a few multinationals, and why is shock and fear being used to reduce or constitutional rights (especially in regard to the 1st and the 4th). Every 4 years we are presented with 2 establishment guys and the generated fear and rhetoric of both parties makes us think that the actual policy differences are monumental. They are not. Both McCain and Obama support wiretapping without a warrant, both support violating Pakistan's sovereignty in order to hunt down Bin Laden, both falsely believe that the war against Georgia was started by Russia, and neither one of them will face up to the fact that our defense industry advertises with fear like other companines advertise with sex, buy Ax body spray so women will F@*k you, spend hundreds of billions of dollars on defense so you won't be F@*ked. I would tend to support Obama over McCain, as Chomsky said, in a system of immense power small changes can have huge implications, but that being said, I come from a country where a political moderate like Obama is seen as a socialist, a terrorist, an antichrist. What do you even do with that?

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