Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rough Day.

yeeeesh indeed.
i'm at work all alone this morning, because my coworker showed up with bleary blood-shot eyes and still drunk and the power goes out while I'm making coffee. Electronic locks in a power outage= no doors open.

i get locked outside of the hotel which i am the only one on duty.

so, i SPRINT to the only business i think might be open on a sunday mornin, (not thinking of atomic) which is the red raven. this is all during that fucking blizzard, too. i speak to eric meyer's parents who are outside the raven and they get him to come down. i try to 411 info my manager and owners phone numbers so somebody can bring a key to open up the hotel which has trapped its guests. they're both unlisted.
so now i sprint back to the hodo cause i'm thinking that i'm too far away from the place i work and there's a chance the power could come on any second. i stand on 1st ave n and whistle up at the hotel trying to get a guests attention to open the door.

ITS NOT WORKING. i bother some people standing outside the women's clinic for their cellphone and try to get the listing for one of the hotel guests. finally someone sees me and opens the door. i also continue to valet (SPRINTING back and forth from the radisson parking lot) 3 cars that morning and check 12 rooms out, while there is no power. finally, after about 2 hours, the power comes back on. did it go out for you too? tell me a story.



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