Thursday, August 7, 2008

A life in constant motion.

Sometimes I don't get to a computer, so i just have to list the things I've been up to without any narrative. As much as I like telling stories, they mostly go to my new moleskine first.

Spend a night in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam on my Moroccan rug and sleeping pad.
Recover from jet lag with white wine.
Do the relatives marathon in the Twin Cities.
Try to update blog. (fail)
Say goodbye to Mary before she moves to Berkley.
-drink more wine.
Finally get to ride my bike in the hot summer.
Move out of my house in a four-day, non-showering sprint.
Wrestle Cody to the ground and tell him he's not alone.
Hitch-hike west with colin.
Try to stay in touch with a beautiful girl from Alabama.
Stay in a homeless shelter in Butte, MT.
Sleep in a field next to a Wal-Mart under fluorescent lights.
Colin joins the Army.
Make it to Boulder in two days time, hitching.

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