Monday, May 12, 2008

From Valencia.

I´m in Valencia, Spain right now and the weather´s beautiful and there´s lots of oranges everywhere. I lost the connection cord for my camera in my last hostel, I lent it out to somebody, so there might not be any new pictures for a while...
¿Has everyone seen this? This building is amazing. THE most interesting and beautiful buildings I´ve ever seen, it´s called La Sagrada Familia. On my way through Barcelona I went and visited it again.

Dad, there are lots of other boatyard in the world, and they´re not as bad as the one in St. Thomas... This one´s in Barcelona, I think.

This is my friend Cassandra. She´s half spider: she climbs walls. Except she eats men instead of insects.


Casey said...

I see they're still constructing La Sagrada Familia. Did you go up in the towers? Did you see the stone snails? I couldn't get over the snails.

austin said...

I didn´t wait in line to get to the top, but i saw pictures of the snails. I couldn´t get over the name of god written in numbers at the south entrance. it was like a four by four grid and every way you added them up you got 33, which is how many years christ lived.

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