Friday, May 16, 2008

There´s a nice shot of Venice.

Layed down for a little rest at the top of a mountain and that´s what I saw.

The Pyrrenes one morning, rising to greet me.

I thought this was a really cool Franz Kafka sculpture in Prague.

More narrow Venetian streets.

Climbing mountains in Salzburg.

Museum of C0mmunism in Prague, Czech Republic. That´s Uncle Lenin on the right there. That was an incredibly interesting museum, made me want to further behind the iron curtain.

The grapes were really small in France. Cody would have really liked hiking through the vineyards.

First vineyards in France, they were cava vines I think.

That might be a giant plaster Jesus. That´s his crotch I´m touching.

Just havin´ coffee in a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

This is Matt, a good friend who I spent a lot of time with. It was he and I with 18 other girls, so we kind of relied on each other for some sanity. We´re just in the Sistine Chapel here.

I think this is me walking around in Venice.

That´s Saddam Hussein on my forehead at 3 in the morning in Valencia, Spain.

A beautiful shot of Valencia.

Drivers are insane in Rome. When we first arrived in the city, we plotted the hotel on a map and took off into the city on mopeds.

Then I crashed mine. Bent the front fork, it was 220 euros to fix it plus the rental. This is just a little video of how these Italians drive.


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