Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Il Porcellino in the ancient merchant town of Florence, Italy. Supposed to make me rich by rubbing his nose?
This by far has been the best part of my trip. Riding around in the rustic Tuscan countryside on a rented moped.



Kicking it in Wycliffe Hall in Oxford.

´Punting´ on the River Thames in Oxford. That was a really fun day, I threw down the punting stick and paddled cause we ran into a rowboat full of collegiate level girl rowers. I just about fell into the water because of it.

Thanks mom and dad for the english wool sweater! I am hitching a ride in the oldest and most elaborate subways in the world, underneath Paris.

Ahhh, no internet connection lately.

I'm going to try and get more photos online, it just takes a while to do it, that's all. Plus, a lot of them have been pictures of places I've been to and not too many of me... but I'll see what i got on my memory card.
In Florence right now, rented a Faggio, the Italian motorbike for five hours today and got lost in the Tuscan countryside. Very beautiful. I have a video of the trip as well as a video of riding through the Louvre at night in Paris. I'll see if I can get those on youtube or something, they're really amazing.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is my room.

I feel like a monk in it. They make lots of priests here at this university so it seems appropriate.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Conversation snippet on Skype.

[20:29:57] El Capitán says: good news at the FMCBW we got like 30 grand over the next 3 years.
[20:31:00] El Capitán says: which is awesome
[20:31:17] El Capitán says: hey good luck tomorrow with the ayers thing
[20:31:25] El Capitán says: let me know how it is.
[20:32:21] El Capitán says: also, a japanese bath would be nice
[20:33:09] El Capitán says: barcelona was so amazing
[20:33:21] El Capitán says: i've been drinking a lot of tempranillo and cava
[20:33:30] El Capitán says: the food's shit though
[20:33:53] El Capitán says: had curry at a thai restaurant the other night and that was good.
[20:34:23] El Capitán says: going to some of the "quaintest" english villages this weekend i think
[20:34:55] El Capitán says: sheep country
[20:35:49] El Capitán says: and my professor is really cool. picture the most british person you can think of, and then think of him 100 years ago when electricity was invented or something
[20:35:54] El Capitán says: that's what he looks like
[20:36:06] El Capitán says: he's got a pocketwatch and everything.

Hemingway's House

Hemingway's House
In Havana, Cuba.