Friday, March 7, 2008

March 6th

The streets look hard and grey today. No sun, but a high ceiling, with a slight breeze. Got cold tonight, too. Minus 19.
I wanted this to be an introspective journal/blog as well as a rather introspective summer, too, what with my family dispersed and roots pulled up. I sit down at my computer to write and I think to myself, "show, don't tell what my days are". Relay/transcribe/show/point/incur/give my experiences as best I can through words.
My dad called yesterday from Mexico City. They're on their way to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It becomes more of an example of how tangible and interactive the rest of the world is because them buying tickets and traveling to Argentina started from snippets and opinions they have collected living abroad. My dad says all the beautiful women he's spoken to since he left home were Argentine.

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