Wednesday, March 26, 2008

From the Hand-written Journal.

Drinking cappucino in the Maison Blanc on a rainy Sunday morning with Cassandra. Had some wine last night in my room with friends and went to The King's Arms, a popular local pub. Matt (a classmate and good friend) had Hoefgaarden, or something like that. It was a really spiced up Belgian lager with lots of clove flavor.
Went to London last night. It took a while to get on the road because one girl was lagging behind. I don't really like to travel in big groups because people lag behind and you also appear more inapproachable to the locals. I'm also more apt to be more shy and timid about interacting with the locals. Went to Waxy O'Connors, a massive multi-level Irish pub in downtown London. There was a tree growing out of the middle of the pub. Really fun, though. Drank some Guinness, had good fun with friends, met a lot of Irish people. One named Donald. About as Irish as you can get. Later he was dancing around with a metal pot on his head and throwing empty glasses against the wall. Then, we danced in the street with three really beautiful Irish girls. Matt got in touch with his Irish roots when we were singing,
"Ireland, Ireland,
Together standing tall,
Shoulder, to shoulder,
We'll answer Ireland's call!"
Really simple but we sang that verse 100 times in the streets of London. With an Irish accent.

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