Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wycliffe Hall @ Oxford University.

Wycliffe is a very old building. It's an Oxford Christian theology school and I'm staying in somebody else's room right now, he left all his books about martyrs and prophets and books about the individual books of the bible in my room. It's about the size of a monk's quarters.
Went to an Anglican palm sunday church service this morning. Very beautiful old gothic architecture and there were people buried in the floor of Christ's Church. That was the name of it.
Heading to London tomorrow after classes. We're going to take the bus there and celebrate st. paddy's with some guinness and killian's probably. Then, on Wednesday we go to Barcelona for 6 days. Can't wait to be on some Spanish beaches. Also, every stereotype about England is true so far. It's cool and dank and haven't seen the sun yet, but Oxford is a town of academics so there are 43 colleges in all of Oxford. It's not exactly set up like American Universities, there are builidings and faculty members all around. It's as if the school is the town.
Went for a run tonight as well, got lost about five times! It's a really good way to explore the city landscape and get the layout of the town in my head. Spotted a second-hand bike workshop and I think if I have time on Tuesday I'm going to scope out the possibility of being hooked up with something to ride around on. If there are any good touring frames I may see what I can do to getting towards making it my primary form of transportation when the rest of the group leaves. Looking forward to doing more walkabouts in other great European cities.
Time to get some rest, my legs are sore.

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