Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dr. Chapman's Lectures.

I'm taking courses from a very well-renowned Oxford professor, Dr. Alan Chapman. 1-4 lectures per day. Here are a few:
The World in 1450- Basically, preconditioning us to abandon any notion that the Middle Ages were backward as well as a crash-course in Constantinoplian (?) history.
Italy as an Incredible Power During the Renaissance- outlined the conditions for the Renaissance. Overall, an incredibly Libertarian Ethic towards the accumulation of knowledge. Spoke about the importance of the powerful Italian family the Medicis and how they contributed to the proliferation of high arts in Florence, the (generally speaking) center of the Renaissance. Other things of course, like medieval science and navigational techniques (he's fashioned some ancient ones by hand), the Tudors, History of England, that sort of thing. Very interesting, but exhausting. Information overload sometimes, no doubt. His mind is a steel trap, and while I'm here I'm going to try and get as much information as I can from him.

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