Monday, March 17, 2008


This is a copy of correspondence with my mom's brother, Brian. It's got some information and whatelse in it so i thought it would be useful.

Hey Uncle Bro!

yeah things are awesome. i'm going to be here in Oxford for the next five weeks. (minus the one week in barcelona) then, three weeks touring continental Europe. Paris, Rome, Prague, Florence, Rhotenburg, and Amsterdam. We take the Euro rail around; should be fun, there's a group of about 20 from MSUM and we have classes 6 days a week. Then, after the tour of europe, my classmates are leaving from amsterdam to go back to the states while i stay behind. hoping to make my way southwest to spain. or maybe italy, depending on how much i like florence.

you're thinking of taking a trip to europe, that's awesome. as far as having guests while i'm in wycliffe hall, no. my quarters are pretty small but i have only about 4 hours of class per day so i have a lot of free time to explore and go to pubs. but after the program is over (which is may 8th), i'll be roaming, staying in hostels, camping. so that would be a really good time to make a trip if you were thinking of it. marcus and i were talking about him maybe coming to visit, too so we could definitely make something work. My return flight from amsterdam is on july 22nd so i have to make my money last that long.

speak to you soon.


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