Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brother's going to Amsterdam.

Took my brother to the airport today, he's spending 10 days in Amsterdam.
Seeing him leave makes me excited for leaving to Europe. I have 16 days left in the states. Should probably pay off my bike shop before I leave town. I have a substantial tab from phil wood hubs and a new wheelset. And the more i think about it, I've gotten lots of shit through the bike shop. I took advantage of that employee discount.


John and Lisa Webster said...

Hey Austin. Who went to Europe? Brandon or Marcus? Hashish? Naughty! Are you flying out of the twin cities? If so, we'd love to see you before you go!
Love, Lisa and John

austin said...

It was Brandon, we were joking around. I kind of forgot family was going to be reading this fairly often! hey everybody! leave lots of commments!
AND: i'm flying out of Fargo so i won't be making it to the cities before i leave.

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